Bruber 1960

Bruber 1960 - Artistic Murano's glassware

Art and technique of aqua fortis on glass

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Mirrors: Specchio Ottagonale con simiera

Specchio Ottagonale con simiera - click to enlarge Specchio Ottagonale con simiera - Dettaglio

Octagonal Mirror with simiera

fully hand maded by Master Bruber,
with technique of Acqua fortis on Glass.

This is a classical Venetian Mirror
completely maded on Murano glass
and decored with precious materials
as gold and enamels.
The glass frame of the mirror is hand engraved then decorated with precious metals (gold and natural enamels); it is then glued on to a wooden base on top of the mirror.

size 37.8x29.1 inch


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Bruber 1960