Bruber 1960

Bruber 1960 - Artistic Murano's glassware

Art and technique of aqua fortis on glass

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“Enamel and gold-leaf painting”

an example of gold-leaf enamel painting

A sheet of glass is painted on the reverse side, therefore the graphic form is reversed.
Mineral base colours are used with natural components for thinning.

The design is made completely by hand.

Once the colouring components have dried (12 hours) the rear part is flooded by pressure spraying a thin layer of sealer with natural resin base (one micron or a 1000th of a millimetre).

This intermediate layer allows preparation for the application of the gold leaf, having a thickness of 2 micron, which must take place when the sprayed film has evaporated, and therefore almost dry (6 hours).

if we were to apply the gold leaf when the resinous substance was not dry enough, the gold would liquefy and expand because it is an extremely thin leaf.

The use of natural substances allows the colours not to react against the oxygen present in the air and therefore to resist and even harden in time.

No chemical solvents are used.

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Bruber 1960