Bruber 1960

Bruber 1960 - Artistic Murano's glassware

Art and technique of aqua fortis on glass

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Working procedure


using a brush (very fine brushes are used) a material called wax base is applied - a material invented purely by Bruber in 1960 - which has the characteristic of protecting the surface from the attacking solutions. All smooth parts are covered with the protective material.


total immersion of the piece in the attacking solutions. The unprotected parts are attacked, thus creating the bas-relief. In this case, there is a relationship - very particular and important in the working - between the area to be attacked, i.e. the unprotected part and the entire surface of the piece. The curves, handles and proportion have already been studied in the analysis of the sizes to give an even etching to the piece.
Dürer, a ninth century etcher - used these techniques and Bruber has perfected them and adapted them to be used for common marketing purposes.


the smooth parts are covered with precious material in liquid form using a brush. The rough parts are painted with mineral enamels.


the piece is fired in muffles (furnaces) at approximately 600 degrees. The firing or solidifying of the materials applied takes place in approximately 8 hours. In this case the materials applied in finishing amalgamate with the vitreous material.

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Bruber 1960