Bruber 1960

Bruber 1960 - Artistic Murano's glassware

Art and technique of aqua fortis on glass

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Working phases

Analysis of sizes:

the spaces which may host the decoration are analysed. Each piece requires one accurate study of the area to be decorated, or rather the most appropriate point for decoration.

Graphical study:

the most appropriate drawing as regards the form of the glass piece is studied. This is done on paper.


after then identifying the drawing and putting the graphical study on paper, work is performed directly on the glass. This is performed with marten-hair brushes, which are suitable for this work because of their softness.



in respect to the graphical study and the decorations, the covers of the parts already previously chosen in the graphical study are made, with precious materials, i.e. gold and enamels.


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Bruber 1960