Bruber 1960

Bruber 1960 - Artistic Murano's glassware

Art and technique of aqua fortis on glass

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Brief monograph on the master BRUBER (in art)

Foto del Maestro Bruber

Beginning from the “Istituto Statale d’Arte ai Carmini” in Venice, he perfected his knowledge of various techniques working on Murano Island as a decorator. Then, after moving to Belgium, he specialised in decorations of old and modern glass doors. On returning to Murano where, after various studies and personal experiments, especially on Dürer, he implemented the use of a new technique of chisel glass etching and a firing application on glass, metals and precious materials such as gold, platinum and enamels.

Mercante piccolo

Mercante piccolo

Picture depicting a merchant in Venice. It is painted on glass plate with the enamel and gold-leaf painting technique.

size 39.4x29.6 inch

i figli Massimo ed Elisabetta

The tradition continues ...
With sons Massimo and Elisabetta.

In all the articles you can transfer any design, logo, since our initial work is done entirely by hand.

In addition to the items listed in the catalog, we can also produce furnishings: stained glass, furniture, ceilings, crockery tableware and glassware.

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Bruber 1960